Advantages and disadvantages of Green Tea

Advantages and disadvantages of Green Tea

Advantages of Green Tea in Diabetes 

1. Shoo away Cancer 

Attributable to its great enemies of oxidants like polyphenols and flavonoids, green tea can essentially bring down the odds of creating a tumor. One such flavanoid present in green tea called catechins is known to have hostile to growth properties. In ongoing investigations and inquires about, it has been found that people who expend green tea frequently have a generally decreased likelihood of creating colorectal, bosom and prostate tumors than those not taking it. 

Heart assurance: The counter oxidants in green tea help in decreasing terrible cholesterol, expanding great cholesterol, diminishing circulatory strain, and in this manner help in ensuring the heart. This was expressed in an examination made by Harvard Medical School's Health Watch magazine. 

2. Upgrade of Brainwork

The caffeine content in green tea helps in enhancing mind working. Caffeine goes about as a stimulant. The caffeine content in green tea is sufficiently adequate to make a reaction without causing any symptoms related to an excessive amount of caffeine. In different parts of mind working, this property of green tea helps in enhancing disposition, response time and memory. Alongside caffeine, it additionally has the amino corrosive L-theanine, which is especially productive at enhancing mind work. 

3. Weight reduction

One of the principal purposes behind which green tea has turned out to be progressively famous is its commitment towards weight reduction. How? All things considered, green tea has been demonstrated viable is boosting the digestion of the body and expanding fat consuming to a specific degree. The polyphenol found in green tea helps in consuming fat. 

4. Improved Immunity 

The counter oxidants present in green tea enhance the powerlessness of body to battle sickness and brings down the odds of getting bug as well. Besides, in case you're down with a fever or a disease, the rich amounts of Vitamin C would help in a quicker recovering from the sickness. 

5. Keeps Osteoporosis at Bay 

Post menopause, the bones in ladies start to wind up fragile and feeble, a condition known by the name osteoporosis. Green tea, that contains a lot of fluoride, works viably in keeping the unresolved issues delicate, in this way keeping osteoporosis under control. Besides, in the event that you are devouring green tea in diabetes following your menopause, it builds your control on the blood sugar. Now, we as a whole know that any substance taken in extraordinary can be harming for our body, the same goes for green tea also. In this way, once you've known the advantages, it's likewise critical to comprehend its reactions so you can deal with the amount of tea you drink every day. Here are they.

Side Effects of Green Tea

1. Perils of Drinking Green Tea During Pregnancy 

Amid pregnancy, an extreme utilization of green tea can even outcome in unsuccessful labors. Thusly, it is fitting to chop down the quantity of glasses to one or at most extreme, too. Even better, on the off chance that you can abstain from it for those couple of long stretches of pregnancy, since the caffeine present in green tea has desperate odds of spreading to the bosom drain, in this manner influencing the infant. 

2. Blood Sugar 

On the off chance that you are expanding green tea in diabetes, keep a tab on your glucose levels as the caffeine present in green tea can lift or drop the sugar unexpectedly in this way disturbing the correct course of blood in the body. 

3. Gastric Disorders 

Drinking green tea on an unfilled stomach can realize stomach issue, for example, stoppage, swelling, and stomach throb. In this way, best maintain a strategic distance from it in the morning. Or maybe, the perfect time to drink green tea is either in the middle of suppers or after dinners. Late evening or early night is the best. 

4. Sleep Deprivation 

Since caffeine is one of the prime reasons for lack of sleep, the caffeine in green tea likewise impedes the rest initiating synthetic substances, in this manner upgrading adrenaline emission and counteracting rest. 

5. Increased Blood Pressure 

Patients with hypertension ought to abstain from devouring green tea, as the caffeine present in it has odds of expanding the circulatory strain much more. 

6. Might Cause Insomnia 

Another conceivable terrible impact of green tea is an issue with resting (14). This can be turned away by restricting green tea utilization, as the deadly measurement of the caffeine in green tea is assessed to be 10 – 14 grams in multi-day. 

Taking green tea past the point of no return in the day can likewise cause this impact. One exceptionally clear explanation behind this is the caffeine, which fortifies the sensory system and can meddle with one's rest. All the more critically, pregnant and lactating ladies must farthest point their green tea allow as it might go into bosom drain and cause sleep deprivation in nursing newborn children. 

A report by the Southern Illinois University expresses that green tea can cause various other rest issues too if taken in overabundance

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